River cruise ships

The Loire Princesse

The Loire Princesse

Length overall : 90m / Beam overall : 15.30m 
Powered paddle wheel
Cruising speed : 15km/h
Number of cabins : 48 / 96 passenger
Customer: CroisiEurope 

The Elbe Princesse

The Elbe Princesse (in construction) 

Length overall : 95.37m / Beam overall : 10.50m
Powered paddle wheel ship
Number of cabins : 40 / 80 passenger 
Customer: CroisiEurope 

Safety and pilot boats 


Pilot vessel - Colibri

L: 12 m  
Volvo IPS 450 propulsion 
Customer: Pilotage de la Seine
Manufactured by Alu Marine 

La Couronnée

Pilot boat: La couronnée 4  

L: 28 m  
Customer: Les Pilotes de Loire 
Designed by BE MAURIC 

Commercial vessels and service barges 

cargo polyvalent

Multi-purpose coastal cargo vessel - Guedel 3

L: 40 m  
Customer: TMC 
Manufactured by See Merre 

Passenger vessels and ferries

Navette fluviale

River shuttle - Majest'in

L: 20 m  / 70 passengers 
Customer: Clais Opale Bus  
Designed by SDI 
Manufactured by Alu Marine 

Bac amphidrome

Double-ended ferry - Merwedam 

L: 23 m  
Customer: Aquabus & Aqualiner
Manufactured by Alu Marine 

Bac amphidrome

Double-ended ferry - Lola

L: 43 m  
Customer: CG 44
Manufactured by See Merre

Offshore support vessels


Conversion of supply vessel
CGG Veritas
Designed by Arco Marine


Vessel for underwater work - Miniplon 

L: 22.5 m  
Customer: Atlantique Scaphandre
Designed by HT2  

Pontoons and floating buildings 

Barge flottante

Restaurant barge: le Nantilus 

L: 57 m  
Manufactured by See Merre and Mecasoud  

Neopolia Marine solutions can form part of an eco-design approach to shipbuilding projects

Innovative project

Algapolia, a project for promoting algae 

Amadeus, first amphibious vessel for collecting and pre-processing algae 

Algapolia Algapolia

The project currently brings together 5 partners with a complementary range of expertise:

  • Alumarine: shipyard
  • Arco Marine: naval engineering architects
  • Olmix: manufacturer transforming natural products (algae)
  • Thomsea: developer of auxiliaries and vessel operator
  • Neopolia Marine: initiating and supporting the collaborative project 

Since late 2012, the Pays de la Loire region has provided support for the project through collective action.